Military Real Estate Agents

Whether you're active duty or a veteran, finding a military-friendly real estate agent can be the difference between a good home buying/selling experience and a horrible one.

Why You Need a Military Real Estate Agent

For Active Duty Military, Veterans, and Spouses.

A real estate agent is a real estate agent, right? Not necessarily. Imagine walking into your high school calculus class and being taught by your english teacher. I don’t know about you, but my english teacher could barely count the number of kids in her class. Just because someone is a teacher doesn’t mean they can teach every subject, and just because someone is a real estate agent doesn’t mean they’re a good fit for every type of client.

The real estate process is complex enough on its own. Guiding active duty military and veterans adds another layer of factors, such as VA Loans, housing allowances, and Permanent Change of Station (PCS).

Connecting with a military real estate agent who not only has experience with the intricate process but also knowledge of the local real estate market is crucial.

How Do I know if my Agent Has the Right Experience?

There are a handful of Veteran Benefits Networks that specialize in streamlining the real estate process while providing an array of benefits and rewards. Additionally, there are veteran real estate courses that specifically train real estate agents on working with active military, veterans, and their spouses. The VCA course, also known as the Veteran Certified Agent course, guides agents on military speak, VA Loans, home appraisals, and how to best represent veteran home buyers and sellers. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for listing agents to bulk at the mention of utilizing VA loans. There’s a common misconception that government-backed loans delay the funds and hinder the overall buying/selling process. Finding an agent who has your back and diminishes these notions before they become an issue is the best thing you can do. 

How can i help myself?

When it comes to a purchase as large as a home, it’s a good idea to go ahead and do some research on your own time too. You know those courses we mentioned before that help agents learn about veteran real estate? There are also real estate courses for veteran home buyers and sellers. Additionally, it’s not a bad idea to do some reading on VA Loans.  Next, you can also start looking into veteran friendly lenders. Getting pre-approved is a step in the right direction. 

VREB Network is a BBB Accredited Business

We Proudly Hold an A+ Consumer Rating

VREB Network 

GET PReapproved

VREB Network is an effective and efficient real estate program that supports active duty and veteran home buyers/sellers.  We kick off the process by getting our members pre-approved with a trusted lender. If you're already pre-approved, no problem!

get paired with an agent

Our program consists of military real estate agents nationwide. To become a part of VREB, agents have to go through the Veteran Certified Agent course. When it comes to working with our agents, members have peace of mind knowing their agent can properly navigate VA Loans, appraisals, and any other nitty-gritty factor that may arise.    

earn rewards

Not only do members have to stress less with the simplicity VREB provides, but they also unlock great benefits. From the industry's leading rewards check after closing to free veteran home buying and selling courses, VREB makes is dedicated to helping veterans in every way we can when it comes to real estate. Find out home you can start earning up to $7,500 in rewards! 
Earn up to $7500 in membership rewards when you are active, retired or have previously served in the military. (Non-Veterans can earn a one year home warranty for a home sale that exceeds $250K. Veterans must join our free Veterans Real Estate Benefits Program. Restrictions apply and vary by state. Our Network Lenders and Agents pay a marketing fee to participate in program. VREB program benefit is only available with the purchase and/or sale of your home through the use of a program-introduced real estate agent. The actual amount you receive is based on the purchase and/or sale price of your home. The program award may be reduced in certain transactions with reduced agent commissions (including many new construction, For Sale by Owner). Your assigned agent can help you identify any transactions where the award would be reduced. All real estate commissions are negotiable. Other terms and conditions may apply. This is not a solicitation if you are already represented by a real estate broker. Program terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. Additional terms, conditions, and restrictions apply and will be provided in your VREB Membership Agreement.
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