The History of Our Veterans Benefits Network

After 10+ years of dedication to veteran real estate, VREB is continuously evolving to create the most effective Veterans Benefit Network. VREB has comprehensive expertise in real estate across the nation. More importantly, we have an extremely thorough understanding of the adversities active duty and veterans face throughout the home buying and selling process. 

A Founder Who's Been There 


Shortly after retiring from 20 years of service in the US Army, the founder of our program, Eric Criner, began a full-time career in military real estate. Having been part of a real estate family and practicing real estate while serving in the Army, it was a natural fit for him—post-retirement. Eric moved to Tampa, Florida and became the managing broker of a large RE/MAX firm. Despite loving real estate, as a veteran, Eric felt there was more he could be doing to support the military.
Eric applied to become a part of a well-known, military-oriented veteran home-buying program. However, he was told he couldn’t help Veterans the way he wanted to due to being a part of the wrong real estate brand. As a retired Army Colonel and combat-decorated Veteran, being excluded from Veteran programs didn’t sit right. The only thing left to do was to start a company that serves Veterans and is open to all brands and real estate agents.
An image of a us veteran's arm holding up a house key

The Start of a Veterans Benefits Network

On Veterans Day 2012, the "Veterans First" program began. Company ethos were simple: put Veterans first, provide great real estate service, and the best reward benefits available. Veterans First started as a small company supporting RE/MAX agents and firms. Originally, we provided custom marketing material and tools for RE/MAX agents to connect with Veteran home buyers and sellers in their markets.

By 2016, we had outgrown the RE/MAX agent base, restructured, and rebranded as Veterans Real Estate Benefits (VREB) Network. VREB expanded to all brands and began providing member agents with prequalified buyers and sellers. The company quickly grew and is recognized as as a major contributor in Veterans real estate.

A Blast from the Past to Bring us Full-Circle

Remember the veteran benefits program Eric originally tried to become a part of? That program ended in 2019. Luckily, VREB had grown our reputation and was capable of stepping up to absorb the loss that the program endured. Since 2019, VREB has extended access to over 100,000 agents providing exceptional real estate services to countless Veteran home buyers and sellers.

While providing industry-leading service, VREB's program has been able to almost consistently give $1 Million dollars a year back to Veterans and active duty military. An amazing feat-- we haven't stopped there. 

VREB Network now includes VREB University, which provides agents across the nation a proprietary course to earn extra credentials proving dedication to military real estate. Our courses are among the few online and free educational resources that provide VA loan education, home-buyer and seller details that enrich the services VREB provides.  

Veteran-Owned, Veteran-Oriented. 

The VREB program is dedicated to improving every day. Several ongoing initiatives enhance agent and customer experiences to become the very best in the Industry. Our Veteran Benefits Network has an ongoing dedication to educating Veterans on VA loans, achieving home ownership, and capitalizing from home selling.
In the first quarter of 2023, VREB will participate in hosting a national PODCAST to help educate Veterans on key homeownership topics. As the VREB program continues to grow in the future, our original company Ethos remains true. VREB continues to demonstrate this through education and agent experience while providing Veterans with the best reward benefits in the industry.