VREB Buyers Desk

Use a Proven System to Ensure your Prequalified Borrowers Work with a Top Agent and Close on the right Home while Veterans Earn an Industry Leading Reward Benefit Check*

Working with VREB Buyer's Desk You Leverage:

  • Access to Top Veteran-Certified Agents Anywhere in The Nation
  • Average Agent Assignment Time of 3 Business Hours
  • Fully Automated Lender Platform-Assignment, Status and Reporting
  • VREB Account Manager Assigned to every Buyer
  • Closing Rates Over Twice the Industry Average
  • Average Veteran Rewards Check of $1600 After Closing*

Zero Cost to Lender

Schedule a Consult to See How VREB Buyers Desk Can Manage your Borrower's Real Estate Needs

*Not a Rebate Program. Post-Closing Reward Benefit program based on Veteran joining the Veterans Real Estate Benefits Program at no cost. Reward paid by VREB Program.

*VREB Buyers Desk supports Veteran and Non-Veteran Prequalified buyers/sellers.